LULU vs. THUNIS vs. HEINRICH - DVD # A347 - Running Time : 34 min.


STORY DVD - Thunis is angry with Heinrich, because Heinrich told lies about him at school. He wants to teach Heinrich a lesson. After knocking Heinrich out, he ties the boy and leaves. Lulu enters the room and Heinrich asks Lulu to untie him. Lulu says she will untie him but Heinrich must wrestle with her. Heinrich says girls can't wrestle, but he will wrestle with her. Lulu unties Heinrich and they start to wrestle. Lulu dominates Heinrich and knocks him out with a sleeper-body scissor combination. She ties the boy up and carries him away. Lulu ambushes Thunis and they start to wrestle. Lulu dominates Thunis as well and also knocks him out with a sleeper body-scissor combination. She hogties Thunis and does some victory poses over the unconscious boy.


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