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DVD Number Fighters
A2 Izak, José
A5 Jaco4, Duncan
A13 Wynand, Reynhardt
A46 Henco, Reynhardt
A81 Wynand, Reynhardt
A83 Nicky, Jaco4, Henco, Stephan
A114 Shaun, Wessel (RE-RELEASE)
A115 Maurice, Ruan, Kobus, Wessel (RE-RELEASE)
A116 Louis, Jacques3, Charl (RE-RELEASE)
A117 Maurice, Hein, Pieter (RE-RELEASE)
A118 Marius, Reynhardt (RE-RELEASE)
A125 Steven, Shaun (RE-RELEASE)
A136 Hein, Jan (RE-RELEASE)
A140 Hein, Steven (RE-RELEASE)
A193 Jaco4, Eduan
A194 Jaco4, Eduan
A200 Thunis, Duane, Lee-Anne (FOOT FIGHTING)
A223 Eugene, Keanu
A225 Robert2, AJ
A285 Keanu, Thunis, Wynand
A313 Martin2, Eduan
A314 Martin2, Eduan
A330 Thunis, Corbin, Lodewyk
A348 Eduan, Bradley