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104 Youth Wrestling A44 Reynhardt, Henco, Quinten3, Christian3, Marq, Herman
354 Daniel, Armand, Jessie A49 Nicky, Jaco4, Stephan, Henco
174 Gustav, Nico A55 Johan4, JT, Quinten3, Armand
412 Edward, LT, Tiaan, Stefan A91 Wynand, Nicky, Jaco4
767 Jose, Izak A94 Wynand, Nicky, Jaco4
357 Ettienne, Charl2 A126 Hofmeyr, Hein (RE-RELEASE)
182 Louis, Tiaan2 A127 Louis, Wayne (RE-RELEASE)
183 Eben, Jaco2 A137 Louis, Kobus (RE-RELEASE)
185 Louis, Quinten2 A138 Sidney, Jaco (RE-RELEASE)
176 Nico, Hein, Riaan2 A139 Louis, Wayne (RE-RELEASE)
178 Ben-John, Michael A141 Louis, Ruan (RE-RELEASE)
387 Louis, Kallie, Nico, Quintin2 A142 Louis, Wayne (RE-RELEASE)
385 Ettienne, Naude A145 Youth Wrestling (RE-RELEASE)
279 Louis, Nilo A146 Youth Wrestling (RE-RELEASE)
307 Louis, Kallie A147 Hofmeyr, Marius (RE-RELEASE)
376 Ettienne, Janus2 A148 Wessel, Marius (RE-RELEASE)
377 Werner, Janus2, Pieter2 A149 Maurice, Dawie (RE-RELEASE)
378 Kallie, Quintin2 A169 Reynhardt, Christian3, Henco, Willem2
383 Louis, Nico A202 Eduan, Keanu, Pieter, Martin
384 Louis, Ignatius A297 Henco, Christian3
284 Daniel, Ralph A444 Wynand, AJ
504 Edward, Stefan, Jacques8 A469 Cobus, AJ, Henco, Marius
668 Wynand, Duncan A477 Wynand, AJ, Donavan, Henri
677 Conley, Jose, Johan4 A502 Keanu, Dylan, JD
669 Nicky, Duncan A511 Keanu, JD
83 Louis, Gustav A547 Barry, Clive, Jean, Helgard
88 Jacques3, Cornel A551 Keanu, JD
87 Tiaan2, Gustav A555 Keanu, Barry, Clive
85 Tiaan2, Louis, Ralph A562 AJ, Pieter, Donavan, George
86 Eben, Jaco2 A567 Helgard, Jean, Donavan, Lodewyk
216 Louis, Nico A586 Keanu, George (TUTORAL DVD)
219 Riaan2, Peet A588 Keanu, Donavan (TUTORAL DVD)
207 Hein, Jean A590 Keanu, George (TUTORAL DVD)
213 Louis, Ben-John A610 Keanu, Henri, Jean, Quentin, Francois
214 Quinten2, Rudolf A646 Pieter, Barry, Clive, Henri
209 Daniel, Conley A652 Jean, Donavan, Divon, Kallie, Franco
217 Jacques3, Riaan A707 Donavan, Francois
218 Daniel, JC2, Conley A722 Pieter, Keanu
630 JC2, Jean-Paul A733 Pieter, Keanu
624 Conley, Juan3 A751 Francois, Jonathen, Quentin, Franco
640 Wynand, Stephan A756 Keanu, Barry, Jean, Helgard
392 Quinten2, Ignatius A858 Donavan, Hanko
393 Louis, Josef A877 Keanu, Christo
391 Louis, Ignatius A881 Francois, Quentin
395 Louis, Ettienne A890 Hanko, Corbin, Quentin, Hanlu
397 Louis, Ben-John A918 Jean, Donavan
406 Zahn, Willem A919 Keanu, Clive
407 DeWet2, Willem A941 Floris, Andrew
404 Ferdi, Iwan A970 Floris, Neo
148 Nico, Gustav    
149 Ralph, Rudolf    
163 Louis, Michael    
161 Jesse, Wickus    
167 Louis, Gustav    
108 Real Youth Wrestling    
647 Jean-Paul, Henco    

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