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A8 Jaco4, Eduan 259 Louis, Jacques3
A29 Johan4, AJ, Reynhardt 735 Ferdi, Jean-Paul
A32 José, Jano, Marq 91 Frikkie, Dawie
A38 JC3, Johan4 95 Louis, Jacques3, JC
A63 Ewald, Quinten3, Eduan, Stephan, Jean-Paul 96 Hendre, Riaan2
A70 Jaco4, Eduan, Pieter 496 Gerrit, JC3
A88 Nicky, Armand 501 Werner, Juan3
A93 Jaco4, Eduan 505 Christo, Henco
A97 Jessie, Henco 497 Jacques7, Ferdi, Dwayne, Wynand
A100 Jessie, Henco 749 Robert2, Jaco4
A103 Wynand, Robert2 766 Jaco4, Ferdi
A104 Jaco4, Nicky, Wynand 408 Ettienne, Willie
A105 JC3, Reynhardt 413 Daniel, Kobus
A119 Jaco4, Johan4 416 Dwayne, JB
A123 Ewald, Jean-Paul 761 Jean-Paul, Nicky
A130 Jaco4, Thunis 764 Nicky, Jaco4, Jaco5
A131 Jaco4, Thunis 768 Jean-Paul, JC3
A133 JC3, Jean-Paul 313 Werner, Andre, Michael
A134 Nicky, Robert2 348 Dwayne, Ruan3
A135 Cornel, Ben-John, Don (RE-RELEASE) 351 Frikkie, Don
A153 Thunis, Jaco5 355 Ettienne, Janus2
A157 Jean-Paul, JC3, Nicky 356 Ettienne, Janus2
A158 JC3, Armand 367 Ewald, Charltu, Gerhardt
A168 Jaco4, Thunis 181 Jacques3, Charl, Bradley, JC2
A170 Nicky, Robert2 179 Frikkie, Kobus
A175 Nicky, Jaco4, Robert2 169 Jacques3, Jaco3, Victor
A177 Jaco4, Stephan 372 Ralph, Ivan, Ewald
A179 Jaco4, Willem2, Thunis 371 Ralph, Ettienne
A182 Ewald, Christian3 386 Werner, LT, Edward
A183 Wynand, Willem2 278 Herman, Christiaan, Naude
A185 JC3, Thunis, Dirk2 310 Ben-John, Frikkie
A199 Jean-Paul, Henco 327 Christiaan2, Olaf
A222 Donavan, Thunis 321 Werner, Ben-John, Matthew
A229 Donavan, Corbin, Wynand, Robert2 316 JC2, Daniel, Don
A233 Donavan, AJ 326 Ettienne, Herman, Dwayne
A234 Donavan, AJ 324 Arno, Naude, Olaf
A238 Donavan, Thunis 374 Ettienne, Willem2
A239 Donavan, Keanu 375 Ewald, Willem2
A244 Ewald, Jean-Paul, Quinten3 379 Ettienne, JP, Armand
A245 Keanu, Eduan 382 Llewellyn, Michael3
A247 Eduan, Martin2 381 Nico, Herman
A257 Christian3, Dirk2 370 Armand, Nico2, Ferdi
A258 Nicky, Robert2, Wynand 285 Louis, Frikkie
A263 Jean-Paul, Wynand 286 Naude, Christiaan2
A264 Donavan, Thunis 528 Ettienne, Janus2
A267 Donavan, Duane 529 Michael4, Francois
A270 Donavan, Corbin, Keanu 549 Francois, Josef, Michael4
A273 Quinten3, Christian3 671 Dwayne, JT, Jean-Paul
A274 Donavan, Corbin, AJ 674 Conley, Johan4, Marq
A284 Donavan, Corbin 675 Willem2, Nicky, Wynand
A286 Donavan, AJ 681 Duncan, Francois
A288 Donavan, Corbin 665 Willem2, Brendan, Nicky
A291 Keanu, Duane 267 Jacques3, Quintin2
A292 Nicky, Ewald, Jean-Paul 540 Willem2, Stephan
A299 Keanu, Donavan, Jason 224 Daniel, Herman, Andre2, Conley
A302 Donavan, Corbin, AJ 220 Jacques3, Kobus
A310 Duane, Keanu 638 Conley, Marq
A325 Ewald, Dirk2 394 Ettienne, JC2, Armand
A333 Ewald, Lodewyk 405 Wynand, Eugene
A356 AJ, Corbin 400 Kobus, Josef
A363 Cengyn, Lodewyk 399 Kobus, Josef, Werner
A368 Cengyn, Corbin, Lodewyk 390 Marcco, Jessie
A371 Jaco4, Nicky 389 Ettienne, Victor
A377 Cengyn, Heinrich 388 Janus, JC2, Armand, Iwan, Ettienne
A379 Thunis, Heinrich 152 Gustav, Ben-John
A380 Lodewyk, Heinrich 153 Ralph, Rudolf
A381 Nicky, AJ 151 Frikkie, Riaan2, Hein
A382 Jaco4, AJ, Morne 457 Willem2, Wynand
A386 Janes, Helgard 455 Ettienne, Willie, Johannes
A387 Thunis, Heinrich, Lodewyk 454 Herman, Naude, Ettienne
A389 Helgard, Heinrich 452 Iwan, Jano, Juan3
A390 Lodewyk, Heinrich 566 JC2, Henco
A404 Lodewyk, Heinrich, Corbin 563 Ettienne, Werner
A412 Henco, Gerhard 579 JC2, Henco
A413 Nicky, Joshua 580 Johan4, Nico3
A416 Cengyn, Corbin 507 Josef, Niel, Jacques8, Martin
A417 Corbin, AJ, Henri 601 Jean-Paul, Willem2, Nicky
A421 Nicky, Lodewyk, Duane 613 Willem2, Justin
A427 Pieter, Corbin, Bradley, Cengyn 609 Willem2, Nicky
A430 Heinrich, Lodewyk 706 Jaco4, Duncan
A433 Heinrich, Helgard 611 Willem2, Jean-Paul
A437 Pieter, Henri 441 JC2, Jeandré
A441 Dewald2, Henri    
A443 Henri, Helgard, Duane, JD    
A446 Henco, Wynand    
A447 Pieter, Helgard, Donavan, Lodewyk, Corbin, Gerhard    
A450 AJ, Corbin    
A452 Donavan, Dylan    
A455 Corbin, Lodewyk, Duane    
A460 Henco, Dylan, Christian3, Pieter    
A464 Donavan, Heinrich, Helgard    
A465 Donavan, Jean    
A472 Neo, Pierre    
A473 Neo, JP    
A474 Neo, Lodewyk, Donavan    
A478 Neo, Helgard    
A481 Henri, JD    
A485 Donavan, Neo, Lodewyk    
A487 Jean, Neo, Pierre    
A491 JD, Donavan, Keanu, Henri    
A494 Keanu, Donavan    
A499 Keanu, Jean    
A503 Donavan, Neo, Lodewyk, Pierre    
A505 Neo, Helgard    
A506 Keanu, Donavan, Neo    
A507 Neo, Pierre    
A512 JP, Jaco6    
A514 Donavan, Neo    
A516 Gerhard, JD    
A517 Dylan, Barry    
A518 Duane, Henri, Helgard    
A520 Pieter, Keanu, Henri, Helgard, Gerhard    
A522 Neo, Lodewyk, Donavan    
A538 Neo, Heinrich    
A539 Neo, Heinrich    
A540 Pieter, Dylan    
A541 Barry, Gerhard    
A544 Pieter, Clive    
A550 Donavan, Neo    
A552 Donavan, Thunis    
A557 Keanu, Neo, Donavan    
A558 Keanu, Jean, Donavan    
A564 Helgard, Pierre, Neo    
A565 Helgard, George, Henri    
A569 Neo, Thunis    
A572 Helgard, Donavan    
A574 Keanu, Donavan (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A575 Keanu, Pieter (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A576 Keanu, Pieter (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A583 Keanu, Donavan (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A585 Keanu, Donavan (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A591 Keanu, Donavan (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A592 Duane, Helgard, Thunis    
A593 Keanu, Pieter (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A595 Keanu, Pieter (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A596 Keanu, Donavan (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A597 Dewald2, Luan    
A598 Keanu, Donavan (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A599 Keanu, Donavan (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A600 Keanu, Donavan (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A601 Keanu, Pieter (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A602 Keanu, Donavan (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A603 Keanu, Pieter (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A605 Keanu, Pieter (ALSO WITH TUTORAL)    
A613 Helgard, Henri    
A615 Keanu, Donavan, Thunis    
A621 AJ, Thunis    
A633 Pieter, Henri, Keanu    
A636 Donavan, Thunis    
A637 Lodewyk, Helgard, Christo    
A638 Neo, Lodewyk    
A640 Wihan, Barry, Pieter, Keanu    
A644 Donavan, Keanu    
A648 Pieter, Heinrich    
A649 Pieter, Neo    
A651 Heinrich, Pierre    
A656 Neo, Donavan, Keanu    
A659 Donavan, Franco    
A663 Heinrich, Jean    
A667 Heinrich, Pierre    
A673 Heinrich, Pierre    
A675 Donavan, Thunis    
A687 Donavan, Thunis, Barry    
A692 Heinrich, Donavan    
A695 Donavan, Jean, Janes, Kallie    
A700 Pieter, Neo    
A711 Pieter, Barry, Keanu, Thunis    
A715 Neo, Franco    
A716 Francois, Jonathen    
A717 Pieter, Barry, Alicia2, Hanko    
A723 Keanu, Donavan    
A724 Neo, Elmo    
A726 Neo, Donavan, Keanu    
A729 Donavan, Keanu    
A732 Neo, Heinrich    
A740 Pieter, Janes, Thunis    
A741 Donavan, Franco    
A747 Donavan, Keanu, Wihan    
A752 Francois, Pierre    
A761 Francois, Helgard    
A764 Francois, Donavan    
A768 Donavan, Helgard, Neo, Franco    
A777 Donavan, Thunis    
A782 Francois, Franco    
A783 Pieter, Corbin, Neo    
A785 Liam, Heinrich, Pierre, Francois    
A786 Thunis, Donavan, Heinrich    
A787 Keanu, Heinrich, Donavan    
A793 Neo, Liam    
A794 Brandon, Helgard    
A796 Francois, Donavan, Lodewyk    
A800 Kallie, Ruan    
A804 Neo, Liam    
A805 Pieter, Donavan    
A806 Pieter, Thunis    
A808 Hanko, Ruan    
A812 Christo, Walter, Keanu    
A815 Thunis, Donavan, Francois    
A816 Neo, Liam    
A817 Thunis, Donavan    
A818 Hanko, Heinrich    
A819 Jean, Donavan    
A826 Rick, Pierre    
A838 Donavan, Pierre    
A839 Francois, Floris, Neo    
A844 Donavan, Floris, Neo    
A845 Jean, Floris    
A849 Keanu, Thunis    
A851 Lodewyk, Thunis    
A853 Lodewyk, Donavan    
A856 Franco, Floris    
A857 Francois, Helgard, Christo    
A859 Neo, Heinrich    
A861 Neo, hanko, Marle    
A862 Donavan, Helgard    
A864 Neo, Helgard, Brandon    
A866 Neo, Floris    
A868 Neo, Francois, Helgard, Clive    
A871 Pieter, Barry    
A876 Heinrich, Liam    
A882 Keanu, Pieter, Donavan, Thunis    
A887 Keanu, Hanko    
A895 Pierre, Hanko    
A896 Jaden, Liam, Floris    
A898 Pieter, Floris    
A908 Thunis, Donavan    
A911 Neo, Kallie    
A912 Franco, Hanlu    
A920 Francois, Franco, Kallie, Barry    
A921 Heinrich, Pierre    
A923 Lodewyk, Liam    
A929 Jaden, Floris    
A930 Francois, Floris, Christo    
A934 Keanu, Donavan    
A936 Thunis, Barry    
A937 Keanu, Francois    
A938 Floris, Neo, Jaden, Barry    
A939A Donavan, Keanu    
A939B Donavan, Neo, Keanu    
A940 Francois, Floris, Neo, Barry    
A944 Floris, Rick, Neo, Arno    
A945 Keanu, Hanlu    
A946 Floris, Liam    
A947 Donavan, Keanu    
A952 Brandon, Keanu    
A953 Brandon, Donavan    
A955 Ruan2, Floris, Donavan    
A958 Brandon, Donavan, Christo    
A960 Andrew, Floris    
A961 Andrew, Thunis    
A962 Floris, Liam, Donavan    
A963 Liam, Ruan2    
A964 Brandon, Hanlu    
A965 Brandon, Elmo, Keanu    
A966 Andrew, Brian    
A967 Keanu, Brandon