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A15 Ferdi, Jessie, Jan-Adriaan 738 Stephan, JT, Quinten4
A16 Nicky, Ewald, Jaco4 755 Nicky, Jean-Paul, Jano
A19 Duncan, Ewald, Jean-Paul 756 Nicky, Jean-Paul, Quinten4
A20 Ferdi, Nicky, Jan-Adriaan 757 Jean-Paul, Stephan, JP
A31 Nicky, Ewald, Johan4 99 Riaan2, Jacques3, Jaco2
A33 Nicky, Duncan, Jean-Paul 98 Louis, Riaan2
A37 Nicky, Ewald, Justin 498 Janus2, Juan, Theuns
A39 Nicky, Jaco5, Reynhardt 502 Ettienne, Olaf, Quinten2
A43 Reynhardt, Zandré, Christian3 170 Louis, Nico, Dawie2
A51 Nicky, Jan-Adriaan, Armand 172 Jean, Nico, Dawie2
A57 Nicky, JT, Quinten4 350 Kallie, Jaco3, Wayne
A64 Nicky, JC3, Christian3 417 Daniel, Kobus, Iwan
A69 Nicky, Jan-Adriaan, Ryno 740 Duncan, Stephan, Eduan
A72 Reynhardt, Jan-Adriaan, Zandré 359 Ruan3, Dwayne, Alre
A84 Nicky, Johan4, Armand 349 JB, Tiaan, DeWet2
A85 Ewald, Christian3, Reynhardt 353 Ettienne, Quinten2, Olaf
A92 Ferdi, JC3, Henco 358 Christiaan2, Naude, Werner
A107 Christian3, Reynhardt, Armand 361 Werner, Wayne, Jurie
A108 Christian3, Reynhardt, Jano 373 Nico, Kobus, Wayne
A109 Christian3, Reynhardt, Nicky 314 Naude, Quinten2, Don
A110 Nicky, JC3, Jano 320 Olaf, Francois, Naude
A111 Christian3, Reynhardt, Jan-Adriaan 319 Daniel, Ivan
A112 Christian3, Reynhardt, Armand 317 Matthew, Armand, Tiaan
A113 Jean-Paul, Jano, Zandre 275 Louis, Kobus, Jaco2
A120 Jean-Paul, Christian3, Reynhardt 463 Ferdi, Jeandre, JC3
A121 Jean-Paul, Johan4, Armand 704 JP, John, Theuns
A128 Jean-Paul, Armand, Zandre 663 Jose, Conley, Jean-Paul
A129 Nicky, Ewald, JC3 664 Conley, Jano, Theuns
A132 Nicky, Johan4, Zandre 682 Jose, Johan4, Jean-Paul
A143 Jean-Paul, Henco, Armand 273 Louis, Jean, Conley
A150 Nicky, Jean-Paul, Armand 269 Andre, Quintin2, Eric
A155 Ewald, JC3, Christian3 432 Janus2, Herman, Ferdi
A162 JC3, Christian3, Reynhardt 551 Janus2, Pieter, Francois
A180 JC3, Nicky, Jean-Paul 550 Dwayne, Jose, Johan4
A196 Nicky, Ewald, Keanu 558 JC2, Johan4, Francois
A197 Stephan, Nicky, Henco 559 JC2, Ferdi, Nico3
A198 Christian3, Armand, Dirk 548 Dwayne, Olaf, Brandon
A216 Nicky, Henco, DeVilliers 543 JC2, Marq, Pieter
A217 Nicky, Jean-Paul, Christian3 541 JC2, Daniel, Daniel2
A220 Nicky, Jean-Paul, AJ 512 Janus2, Daniel, Arno2
A224 Nicky, Henco, Corbin 215 Jacques3, Frikkie, Peet
A226 Ewald, Jean-Paul, AJ 212 Jacques3, Tiaan, Peet
A230 Wynand, Eugene, Thunis 221 Nico, Quinten2, Johan2
A240 Nicky, Wynand, AJ 223 Jacques3, Daniel, Charl
A241 Nicky, Jean-Paul, Eugene 628 Nicky, Jean-Paul, Zahn
A242 Nicky, Jean-Paul, Dirk2    
A243 AJ, Eugene, Keanu    
A265 Nicky, Quinten3, AJ    
A268 Nicky, Corbin, AJ    
A269 Ewald, AJ, Christian3    
A282 Wynand, Christian3, Dirk2    
A295 Wynand, Keanu, Jean-Paul    
A342 Gerhard, Joshua, Morne    
A343 Nicky, Jean-Paul, Bradley    
A346 Nicky, Gerhard, Morne    
A361 AJ, Gerhard, Morne    
A425 Nicky, Joshua, Cobus    
A545 Barry, Gerhard, JD    
A630 Keanu, Barry, Thunis    
A674 Keanu, Barry, Pieter    
A685 Clive, Janes, Thunis    
A708 Barry, Thunis, Henri    
A713 Barry, Thunis, Janes