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A2 José, Izak 3 Vickus, Jan, Sameul
A13 Wynand, Reynhardt 4 Vickus, Berni
A38 JC3, Johan4 5 Sean, Friend
A44 Reynhardt, Henco, Quinten3, Christian3, Marq, Herman 6 Sean, Friend
A46 Reynhardt, Henco 7 Ruan, Kobus
A49 Nicky, Jaco4, Stephan, Henco 8 Patrick, Friend
A55 Johan4, JT, Quinten3, Armand 9 Hein, Friend
A81 Wynand, Reynhardt 9A Kieries, Brother
A83 Nicky, Jaco4, Henco, Stephan (Gut Punching) 10 Harm, Coenraad
A88 Nicky, Armand 11 Unknown
A97 Jessie, Henco 11A George, Friend
A123 Ewald, Jean-Paul 12 Harm, Coenraad
A158 JC3, Armand 13 Kieries, Brother
A168 Jaco4, Thunis 13B Patrick, Friend
A169 Reynhardt, Christian3, Henco, Willem2 14 Neil, Friend
A170 Nicky, Robert2 15 Harm, Coenraad
A193 Jaco4, Eduan 16 Reinhard, Friend
A194 Jaco4, Eduan 17 Rikus, Friend
A202 Eduan, Keanu, Pieter, Martin 18 George, Friend
A223 Eugene, Keanu 19 Hofmeyr, Friend
A225 Robert2, AJ 19B Theo, Brother
A229 Wynand, Robert2, Donavan, Corbin 20 Quinten, Friend
A234 Donavan, AJ 21 Coenraad, Harm
A244 Ewald, Jean-Paul, Quinten3 22 Niki, Friend
A245 Keanu, Eduan 22B Patrick, Friend
A247 Eduan, Martin2 23 Dawid, Younger Brother
A258 Nicky, Robert2, Wynand 23B Theodore, Friend
A263 Jean-Paul, Wynand 24 Reinhard, Marius
A264 Donavan, Thunis 25 Pieter, Friend
A273 Quinten3, Christian3 26 Harm, Coenraad
A285 Keanu, Thunis, Wynand 28 Ricardo, Friend
A288 Donavan, Corbin 29 Wikus, Friend
A291 Keanu, Duane 1830 Conley, Janus2, Ruan3
A292 Nicky, Ewald, Jean-Paul 31 Jacques, Friend
A297 Henco, Christian3 33 Marius, Reynhard
A299 Keanu, Donavan, Jason 34 Vickus, Bernie
A310 Keanu, Duane 35 Vickus, Jan
A313 Martin2, Eduan 36 Harm, Coenraad
A314 Martin2, Eduan 37 Jan, Deon
A325 Ewald, Dirk2 38 Two Friends Grappling
A330 Thunis, Corbin, Lodewyk 39 Kieries, Nicky
A348 Eduan, Bradley 43 Vickus, Berni
A382 Jaco4, AJ, Morne 708B Ewald, Werner2
A386 Janes, Helgard 162 Pieter, Hofmeyr
A387 Thunis, Heinrich, Lodewyk 708 Ewald, Werner2
A404 Heinrich, Corbin, Lodewyk 188 Pieter, Marius
A412 Henco, Gerhard 236 Pieter, Marius
A421 Nicky, Lodewyk, Duane 2288 Jaco4, Izak
A422 AJ, JP 2314 Jaco4, Duncan
A430 Heinrich, Lodewyk 2317 Christian3, Reynhardt, Ewald, Henco
A437 Pieter, Henri 2315 Christian3, Reynhardt, Ewald
A441 Dewald2, Henri 2316 Christian3, Reynhardt, Ewald, Henco
A443 Henri, Helgard, Duane, JD 2324 Jaco4, Duncan
A444 Wynand, AJ 2323 Jaco4, Duncan
A446 Wynand, Henco 545 Christiaan2, JC2
A467 Heinrich, Helgard, Corbin, Keanu, Lodewyk 2325 Jaco4, Duncan
A469 Henco, Marius, AJ, Cobus 557 Christiaan2, JC2
A473 Neo, JP 549 Hofmeyr, Charl
A477 Wynand, AJ, Donavan, Henri 493 Jaco3, Herman
A481 Henri, JD 531 Frikkie, Kobus
A486 Neo, Jean 490 Wickus, Andre2
A493 Keanu, JP 697 Naude, Ettienne
A494 Keanu, Donavan 698 Quintin2, Michael3
A499 Keanu, Jean 668B Naude, Dwayne
A502 Keanu, Dylan, JD 668A Naude, Dwayne
A503 Donavan, Neo, Lodewyk, Pierre 1924 Wynand, Ferdi
A504 Keanu, JD 667 Olaf, Jurie
A511 Keanu, JD 639B Arno, Armand
A544 Pieter, Clive 628 Jean, Johan2
A547 Barry, Clive, Jean, Helgard 647 Francois, Olaf
A551 Keanu, JD 648B Herman, Jaco3
A555 Keanu, Barry, Clive 176 Hofmeyr, Jan
A560 Keanu, Pieter 632 Colin, Olaf
A566 Keanu, Pieter 1433 Christo, Shaun
A570 Keanu, Pieter 1432 Daniel, Daniel2, Ettienne
A571 Keanu, Pieter 1434 Shaun, Christo
A574 Keanu, Donavan 145B Steven, Hein
A575 Keanu, Pieter 143B Hofmeyr, Pieter, Tian (KARATE, JUDO, MMA)
A576 Keanu, Pieter 1436 Willem2, Nico2, Shaun
A577 Jean, Divon 1427 Armand, Willem2, Stephan
A578 Keanu, Pieter 138D Don, Friend
A580 Keanu, Pieter 137B Ruan, Kobus
A581 Keanu, Donavan 137A Bradley, Friend
A582 Keanu, George 1416 Juan3, Johan3
A583 Keanu, Donavan 124 Tian, Hofmeyr
A584 Keanu, George 1418 Gerrit, Daniel
A585 Keanu, Donavan 66B Steven, Shaun (JUDO)
A586 Keanu, George 66A Hofmeyr, Tian (ALSO WITH KARATE)
A588 Keanu, Donavan 137C Ruan, Michael
A590 Keanu, George 138B Steven, Charl
A591 Keanu, Donavan 1408 Jano, Nico3
A593 Keanu, Pieter 1403 Stephan, Gerhardt
A595 Keanu, Donavan (ALSO WITH BOXING) 1407 Jano, Nico3
A596 Keanu, Donavan 138A Kobus, Ruan
A597 Dewald2, Luan 1406 Ferdi, Jessie, Daniel2
A598 Keanu, Donavan 1404 Stephan, Gerhardt
A599 Keanu, Donavan 154 Louis, Tian
A600 Keanu, Donavan 133 Sydney, Sean
A601 Keanu, Pieter 132 Theo, Brother
A602 Keanu, Donavan 131 Sydney, Michael
A603 Keanu, Pieter 130 Ruan, Michael
A604 Keanu, Donavan 129 Stephen, Sydney
A605 Keanu, Pieter 1882 Ferdi, Jose (STREET FIGHTING)
A610 Keanu, Henri, Jean, Quentin, Francois 60 Hofmeyr, Tian (ALSO WITH KARATE)
A646 Pieter, Barry, Clive, Henri 1913 Daniel2, Nico2, Neil
A652 Jean, Donavan, Divon, Kallie, Franco 1930 Francois, Christoff
A653 Jean, Divon 1929 Jaco4, Eduan
A655 Pieter, Keanu 1905 JC2, JC3
A659 Donavan, Franco 112 Rynhardt, Marius
A686 Benjamin, Barry, Wihan, Alicia2, Lee-Ann2, Thunis 2229 Nicky, Jaco4, AJ
A692 Heinrich, Donavan 1355 Ferdi, Daniel2
A785 Heinrich, Liam, Pierre, Francois 771 Franco, Marcco
XA865 Franco, Pierre, Neo 1914 Daniel2, Nico2, Neil
F7 Quinten3, JP2 45 Marius, Reynhardt
F8 Quinten3, JP2 46 Francois, Donovan
F9 Quinten3, JP2 46B Coenraad, Harm
F19 Eduan, Thinus 96 Reinhard, Marius
F20 Eduan, Thinus 98 Theodore, Little Brother
F25 Duncan, Brandon2 716 Ben-John, Craig
F27 Duncan, Wynand 716B Ben-John, Craig
F33 Duncan, Wynand, Jaco4 712 Ettienne, José
F38 Duncan, Wynand, Jaco4 712B Ettienne, José
F39 Jean-Paul, José 278 Pieter, Hofmeyr
F45 Justin, Johan5 163 Pieter, Tian
F46 Justin, Johan5 186 Pieter, Hein
F47 Justin, Johan5 705A Francois, Jacques6
F51 Nicky, Ewald, Johan4 705B Francois, Jacques6
F52 Nicky, Jan-Adriaan 729A Jose, Jessie
F53 Nicky, Jan-Adriaan 729B Jose, Jessie
F54 Nicky, Jan-Adriaan 728A Quinten2, JB
F58 Stephan, Jano, Reynhardt 728B Quinten2, JB
F60 JC3, Armand 727A Daniel, Conley (BOXING)
F61 JC3, Armand 727B Daniel, Conley (BOXING)
F62 JC3, Armand 724A Charl2, Juan
F63 JC3, Quinton5 724B Charl2, Juan
F64 JC3, Quinton5 722A Ettienne, Willem
F65 Eduan, Pieter 722B Ettienne, Willem
F66 Eduan, Pieter 2327 Ferdi, Ewald, Henco
F67 AJ, Dirk 2328 Ferdi, Ewald, Henco, Duncan, Christian3
F68 AJ, Dirk 2329 Ferdi, Ewald, Henco, Duncan, Christian3
F82 AJ, Ryno 2330 JC3, Friend
F83 AJ, Ryno 2331 JC3, Friend
F84 AJ, Ryno 2332 JC3, Friend
F91 Armand, Paul 2333 JC3, Jean-Paul
F92 Armand, Paul 535 Kobus2, Hercules
F93 Armand, Paul 538 JC2, Daniel
F120 Ewald, Jan-Adriaan 520 Jacques3, Quintin2
F121 Ewald, Jan-Adriaan 550 Jacques3, Nico
F125 JC3, Armand, Thunis 553 Daniel, JC2
F126 Henco, Marius 592 Victor, Naude
F127 Henco, Marius 694 Ivan, Christiaan2, Armand
F129 Wynand, Quinten3, Robert2 502 Conley, Rudolph2
F131 Wynand, Quinten3, Robert2 491 Charl, Tiaan, Eric
F133 Jessie, Reynhardt, Jano, Henco, Stephan 496 Tiaan, Kobus2, Peet
F138 Ewald, Dominic 486 Tiaan, Michael, Cobus
F139 Ewald, Dominic 527 Andre2, Daniel
F141 Jaco4, Jaco5, Thunis 600 Christiaan2, Herman
F144 JC3, Gerrit (RE-RELEASE) 688 Ivan, Daniel
F145 JC3, Gerrit (RE-RELEASE) 663 Andre, Dawid
F165 Nicky, Jaco5 (RE-RELEASE) 1919 Brendan, Daniel2
F168 Robert2, Bertus 1903 Willem2, Quinten3, Izak
F169 Robert2, Bertus 1917 Brendan, Marco2
F170 Willem2, Daniel2 (RE-RELEASE) 593 LT, Jacques5
F171 Christian3, De Villiers 49 Stephen, Sean (JUDO)
F172 Christian3, De Villiers 1926 Jacques8, Dandre
F173 Ferdi, Herman, JP (RE-RELEASE) 1925 Ferdi, Wynand
F174 JC3, Jano, Herman (RE-RELEASE) 639A Arno, Armand
F177 Wynand, Reynhardt (RE-RELEASE) 643A JC2, Ruan3
F185 Jean-Paul, Willem2 643B JC2, Ruan3
F186 Jean-Paul, Willem2 621B Victor, Wickus
F187 Pieter, Martin 608A Johan, Michael2
F188 Pieter, Martin 608B Johan, Michael2
F196 Brandon2, Johan5 (RE-RELEASE) 578A Christiaan2, Arno
F197 Brandon2, Johan5 (RE-RELEASE) 578B Christiaan2, Arno
F198 Brandon2, Johan5 (RE-RELEASE) 579A Daniel, Werner
F218 (RE-RELEASE) 579B Daniel, Werner
F221 Armand, Arno (RE-RELEASE) 577 Stefan, Neil
F236 JC3, Armand 574 Don, Christiaan3
F237 JC3, Armand 568A Johan, Jacques4
F239 JC3, Jean-Paul 568B Johan, Jacques4
F246 JC3, Christian3, Reynhardt 569 Jacques3, Hofmeyr
F247 JC3, Christian3, Reynhardt 635 Christiaan2, Charl2
F248 JC3, Christian3, Reynhardt 619 LT, Jano
F252 Stephan, Henco, Reynhardt 603A Quintin2, Hein
F263 Eugene, Reynhardt 603B Quintin2, Hein
F264 Eugene, Reynhardt 648A Herman, Jaco3
F270 Eugene, Reynhardt 653 Olaf, Pieter
F271 Eugene, Reynhardt 671 Olaf, Llewellyn
F273 Willem2, Jaco4, Eduan 118 Kieries, Isak
F283 Ewald, JC3, Armand 119 Charl, Hein
F284 Ewald, JC3, Armand 200 Ruan, Wessel
F285 Ewald, JC3, Armand 201 Jacques3, Ben-John
F286 JC3, Dirk2 122 Kieries, Johan
F287 JC3, Dirk2 123 Steven, Sean (Judo)
F288 Jaco4, Quinten3 1447 Jano, Olaf
F289 Jaco4, Quinten3 1448 Jano, Olaf
F290 Nicky, Wynand 1449 Jano, Olaf
F291 Nicky, Wynand 125 Vickus, Jan
F304 Quinten3, Bertus (Also with some boxing) 127 Ruan, Kobus
F305 Quinten3, Bertus (Also with some boxing) 128 Wikus, Friend
F306 Jaco4, Bertus (Also with some boxing) 180 Pieter, Hofmeyr
F307 Jaco4, Bertus (Also with some boxing) 184 George, Hofmeyr
F308 Jean-Paul, Jaun 1381 Francois, Michael4
F309 Jean-Paul, Jaun (Also with some kick boxing) 1392 Pieter, DeWet2 (KARATE)
F310 Jean-Paul, Jaun 1382 Wynand, Brendon
F311 Jean-Paul, Jaun (Also with some kick boxing) 1383 Wynand, Brendon
F314 Willem2, Keanu (Also with some boxing) 170 Tian, Pieter (JUDO & SUBMISSION WRESTLING)
F315 Willem2, Keanu (Also with some boxing) 171 Ruan, Pieter
F320 Stephan, Duane (Also with some boxing) 155 Steven, Pieter
F321 Stephan, Duane (Also with some boxing) 156 Ruan, Pieter
F324 Keanu, Willem2 (Also with some boxing, tying up & fighting) 159 Tian, Louis
F325 Keanu, Willem2 (Also with some boxing, fighting) 160 Ruan, Hofmeyr
F330 Duane, Stephan 169 Tian, Hofmeyr (JUDO & SUBMISSION WRESTLING)
F331 Duane, Stephan 1864 Daniel2, Willem2
F332 Zandre, Chrisjan 1865 Daniel2, Willem2
F333 Zandre, Chrisjan 1873 Ferdi, Daniel2
F342 Keanu, Donavan 146 Pieter, Tian
F343 Keanu, Donavan 149 Steven, Jan
F344 Keanu, Donavan 151 Louis, Ruan
F345 Keanu, Donavan 157 Jacques, Nico
F360 Christian3, DeVilliers 1852 Jaco4, Stephan
F361 Christian3, DeVilliers 1857 JC2, Jean-Paul
F362 Nicky, Ewald, Stephan 1858 JC2, Jean-Paul
F363 Nicky, Ewald, Stephan 1861 JC2, Ferdi
F364 Nicky, Ewald, Stephan 1862 JC2, Ferdi
F377 Jaco4, Quinten3 164 Bernie, Quintin
F378 Jaco4, Quinten3 1852 Jaco4, Stephan
F379 Jaco4, Robert2 1889 Conley, Marq
F380 Jaco4, Robert2 1893 Daniel2, Alre
F381 Jaco4, Robert2 1888 Brandon, Wimpie
F382 Donavan, Robert2 166 Marius, Wessel
F383 Donavan, Robert2 172 Pieter, Cornel
F384 Donavan, Robert2 172B Pieter, Cornel (KARATE)
F385 Donavan, AJ 1704 Herman, Daniel2, Francois
F386 Donavan, AJ 1706 Janus, Ruan3, Francois
F387 Donavan, AJ 1709 Janus, Herman, Friend
F396 Donavan, Eugene, Robert2 1686 Willem2, Jean-Paul
F397 Donavan, Eugene, Robert2 173 Hein, Jan
F406 Nicky, Quinten3, AJ 174 Hein, Ruan
F407 Nicky, Quinten3, AJ 1974 JC3, Ferdi, Conley (GUT PUNCHING, GUN FIGHTING)
F409 Wimpie, Corbin 1994 JC3, Friends
F410 Wimpie, Corbin 1927 Jacques8, Dandre
F413 AJ, Nicky 1928 Jaco4, Eduan
F414 Nicky, AJ 1852B Jaco4, Stephan
F415 Nicky, Jean-Paul 1904 Henco, Jean-Paul
F416 Nicky, Jean-Paul 1830 Conley, Janus2, Ruan3
F417 Wimpie, Jaco6 1825 Johan4, Friends
F418 Wimpie, Jaco6 1827 Conley, Daniel, Richard
F421 Wimpie, Martin2 699 Ben-John, Tiaan, DeWet2
F422 Wimpie, Martin2 175 Bernie, Jacques
F423 Quinten3, Danie 2274 Brandon2, Johan5
F424 Quinten3, Danie 2275 Brandon2, Johan5
F425 Quinten3, Ewald 2276 Brandon2, Johan5
F426 Quinten3, Ewald 181 Marius, Wessel
F427 Eugene, Robert2, Donavan 101 Victor, Jan
F428 Eugene, Robert2, Donavan 102 Marius, Lewis
F429 Jean-Paul, Quinten3 183 Hofmeyr, Francois (KARATE)
F430 Jean-Paul, Quinten3 108 Jan, Bernie
F434 Wimpie, Corbin 2252 Herman, Jose
F435 Wimpie, Corbin 2253 Herman, Jose
F440 AJ, TC 2251 Duncan, Robert2, Quinten3
F441 AJ, TC 2254 Herman, Jose
F446 Chrisjan, Stephan 2243 Henco, Christian3
F456 Chrisjan, Kenton 2244 Henco, Christian3
F457 Chrisjan, Kenton 2240 Wynand, Reynhardt
F458 Chrisjan, Brandon 2236 Ewald, Nicky, Henco, Duncan, Stephan
F459 Chrisjan, Brandon 2241 Reynhardt, Wynand
F464 Wimpie, Jaco6 2215 Stephan, Danie
F465 Wimpie, Jaco6 2216 Stephan, Danie
F466 Wimpie, Martin2 2218 Jaco4, Nicky
F467 Wimpie, Martin2 2219 Jean-Paul, Ferdi
F481 JC3, Reynhardt 2220 JC3, Quinten4
F482 JC3, Reynhardt 2207 JC3, Herman, Jano
F483 Brandon, Chrisjan 2208 JC3, Herman, Jano
F484 Brandon, Chrisjan 2209 JC3, Herman, Jano
F518 Jaco6, Jason 2206 Ewald, Nicky, Duncan, Francois
F519 Jaco6, Jason 2192 Ferdi, Herman, JP
F529 Wynand, Joshua 2198 Johan4, Ewald, Jose
F530 Wynand, Joshua 2181 Jose, John
F537 Christian3, Dylan 2183 Nicky, Duncan
F538 Christian3, Dylan 2189 Stephan, JP, Ewald
F539 TC, AJ 2190 Stephan, JP, Ewald
F540 TC, AJ 2191 Ferdi, Herman, JP
F543 Donavan, Bradley 2193 Ferdi, Herman, JP
F544 Donavan, Bradley 2177 Jaco5, Nicky
F549 Corbin, Cengyn 2178 Jaco5, Nicky
F550 Corbin, Cengyn 2186 Jean-Paul, Izak
F557 Henco, Stephan2 2166 Jean-Paul, Johan4
F558 Henco, Stephan2 2168 Jean-Paul, Ewald, Duncen
F559 Cengyn, Corbin 2143 Ewald, Quinten3
F560 Cengyn, Corbin 2147 Nicky, Jean-Paul
    2159 Nicky, Brandon
F565 Christian3, Quinten3 2137 Nicky, Christoff
F566 Christian3, Quinten3 2140 Robert2, Jaco4
F569 Henco, Michael 1306 Jose, Pieter (BOXING & MMA)
F570 Henco, Michael 1294 Jose, Marq
F577 Jason, Jaco6 1295 Jose, Marq
F578 Jason, Jaco6 1302 Jose, Jessie (BOXING & MMA)
F579 Jason, Duane 1284 Jose, Johan4 (JUDO & MMA)
F580 Jason, Duane 1285 Jose, Johan4 (JUDO & MMA)
F594 Wynand, Joshua 1286 Jose, Johan4 (JUDO & MMA)
F595 Wynand, Joshua 1277 Herman, Johanco
F598 Thunis, Dewald 1275 Herman, Johanco
F599 Thunis, Dewald 1276 Herman, Johanco
F600 Henco, Cobus 1290 Ignatius, Neil
F601 Henco, Cobus 1291 Ignatius, Neil
F604 Thunis, Hennie 1292 Ignatius, Neil
F605 Thunis, Hennie 1293 Jose, Marq
F608 Bradley, Janes 1278 Herman, Johanco
F609 Bradley, Janes 1283 Johan4, Jose (JUDO & MMA)
F614 Martin2, Dylan2 1267 Jose, Ettienne, Tiaan
F615 Martin2, Dylan2 1268 Jose, Ettienne, Tiaan
F616 Martin2, Gerhard 1270 Jacques8, Marthinus
F617 Martin2, Gerhard 1271 Jacques8, Marthinus
F624 Bradley, Janes 1253 Ettienne, Pieter, Herman3
F625 Bradley, Janes 113 Jan, Friend
F638 Bradley, Gerhard 1254 Ettienne, Pieter, Herman3
F639 Bradley, Gerhard 1256 Ettienne, Willie, Johan4
F662 Bradley, Morne 1257 Ettienne, Willie, Johan4
F663 Bradley, Morne 1258 Ettienne, Willie, Johan4
F664 Jean-Paul, Stephan 1246 Christiaan, Jacques8
F665 Jean-Paul, Stephan 1221 Johan4, Jessie (JUDO & MMA)
F666 Jaco6, JP 1222 Johan4, Jessie (JUDO & MMA)
F667 Jaco6, JP 1223 Johan4, Jessie (JUDO & MMA)
F668 Jaco6, JP 1209 Johan4, Jose
F669 Jaco6, JP 1210 Johan4, Jose
F674 Jason, Ewald 1211 Ettienne, Jessie (JUDO & MMA)
F675 Jason, Ewald 1212 Ettienne, Jessie (JUDO)
F678 Lodewyk, Heinrich 1213 Ettienne, Jessie (KARATE)
F679 Lodewyk, Heinrich 1353 Ferdi, Daniel2
F680 Jason, Nicky 1354 Ferdi, Daniel2
F681 Jason, Nicky 1206 Jose, Jessie (KARATE)
F688 Henco, Jean-Paul 1207 Jose, Jessie (JUDO)
F689 Henco, Jean-Paul 1190 Ferdi, Jessie (JUDO)
F694 Henco, Cobus 1180 Martin, Janus (KARATE)
F695 Henco, Cobus 1181 Martin, Janus (KARATE)
F700 Jaco4, Stephan2 1182 Martin, Janus (JUDO)
F701 Jaco4, Stephan2 1189 Ferdi, Jessie (KARATE)
F702 Morne, Bradley 1171 Brandon, Christo
F703 Morne, Bradley 1178 Martin, Werner (KARATE)
F722 Wynand, Joshua 1179 Martin, Werner
F723 Wynand, Joshua 1163 Juan3, Robert
F724 Heinrich, Lodewyk 1164 Juan3, Robert
F725 Heinrich, Lodewyk 1165 Juan3, Robert
F728 Ewald, Jean-Paul 1170 Brandon, Christo
F729 Ewald, Jean-Paul 1134 Janus2, DeWet2 (KARATE)
F740 Thunis, Lodewyk, Helgard, Heinrich 1135 Janus2, DeWet2
F741 Thunis, Lodewyk 1145 Iwan, Theuns
F742 Thunis, Lodewyk 1146 Iwan, Theuns
F743 Thunis, Heinrich 1147 Iwan, Theuns
F744 Thunis, Heinrich 1126 Ralph, Ettienne, Hano
F769 Thunis, Henri 1136 Edward, Jacques8
F770 Thunis, Henri 1137 Edward, Jacques8
F775 Helgard, Dewald2 1138 Gerrit, JC3
F776 Helgard, Dewald2 1139 Gerrit, JC3
F777 Helgard, Heinrich 1140 Gerrit, JC3
F778 Helgard, Heinrich 1127 Ralph, Ettienne, Hano, Dwayne, Herman
F779 Henco, Christian3 1128 Gerrit, JT
F780 Henco, Christian3 1129 Gerrit, JT
F785 Nicky, Cobus 1130 Gerrit, JT
F786 Nicky, Cobus 1131 Christo, Henco
F789 Nicky, Gerhard 1132 Christo, Henco
F790 Nicky, Gerhard 1119 Wynand, Shaun
F799 Nicky, Cobus 1120 Wynand, Shaun
F800 Nicky, Cobus 1133 Christo, Henco
F805 Thunis, Heinrich, Corbin 1101 Quinten2, Ignatius, Nico
F806 Thunis, Heinrich, Corbin 1102 Quinten2, Ignatius, Nico
F809 Cobus, Christian3 1103 Quinten2, Ignatius, Nico
F810 Cobus, Christian3 1110 Ralph, Gerrit, Ivan
F811 Gerhard, Henco 1121 Wynand, Shaun
F812 Gerhard, Henco 1122 Herman3, Jose
F815 Cengyn, Lodewyk 1123 Herman3, Jose
F816 Cengyn, Lodewyk 1124 Herman3, Jose
F830 Cengyn, Lodewyk 1092 Quinten2, Tiaan, Martin
F831 Cengyn, Lodewyk 1093 Willie, Janus2, Martin2
F838 Helgard, Lodewyk 1094 Willie, Janus2, Martin2
F839 Helgard, Lodewyk 1095 Willie, Janus2, Martin2
F840 Helgard, Lodewyk 1075 Pieter, Ettienne
F845 Wynand, Christian3 1077 Pieter, Jurie
F846 Wynand, Christian3 1078 Pieter, Jurie
F847 Bradley, Nicky 1064 Jose, Jano
F848 Bradley, Nicky 1065 Jose, Jano
F849 Pieter, Christian3, Henco 1066 Jose, Jano
F850 Pieter, Christian3, Henco 1067 Jose, Rudolf2
F851 Heinrich, Jean 1068 Jose, Rudolf2
F852 Heinrich, Jean 1069 Jose, Rudolf2
F855 Henri, JD 1070 Gerrit, Christo
F856 Henri, JD 1071 Gerrit, Christo
F857 Henri, JD 1072 Gerrit, Christo
F858 Henri, JD 1081 Pieter, Llewellyn
F867 Neo, Donavan 1037 Jeandre2, Jacques7
F868 Neo, Donavan 1038 Jeandre2, Jacques7
F873 Lodewyk, Pierre 1039 Jeandre2, Jacques7
F874 Lodewyk, Pierre 1040 Herman, Juan3
F877 Donavan, Keanu 1050 JB, Gerrit
F878 Donavan, Keanu 1051 JB, Gerrit
F881 Donavan, Neo 1052 JB, Gerrit
F882 Donavan, Neo 1041 Herman, Juan3
F883 JD, Dylan 1028 Herman2, Zahn
F884 JD, Dylan 1029 Ferdi, Ettienne, Herman
F890 Jean, Donavan 1030 Ferdi, Ettienne, Herman
F891 Jean, Donavan 1031 Ferdi, Ettienne, Herman (BOXING)
F898 Pierre, Lodewyk 1043 Hano, JB
F899 Pierre, Lodewyk 1023 Dwayne, Ferdi (BOXING & SUBMISSION WRESTLING)
F908 Dylan, JD 1024 Dwayne, Ferdi
F909 Dylan, JD 1025 Dwayne, Ferdi (BOXING & SUBMISSION WRESTLING)
F914 Keanu, Sudney 1026 Zahn, Herman2
F915 Keanu, Sudney 1027 Zahn, Herman2
F916 JP, Clive 1000 Armand, Christiaan2, Arno
F917 JP, Clive 1001 Quinten2, Claude
F918 Jean, Barry 1002 Quinten2, Claude
F919 Jean, Barry 1003 Quinten2, Claude
F922 JP, Clive 988 JC2, Ferdi, Eugene
F923 JP, Clive 990 Daniel, Franco
F924 Jean, Barry 991 Daniel, Franco, Nilo
F925 Jean, Barry 981 Kallie, Victor
F933 JD, Gerhard 986 Daniel, Iwan, JC2, Ferdi, Ettienne, Arno, Janus
F934 JD, Gerhard 977 Willie, Mias
F935 Jean, Pierre, Neo 964 Pieter, Martin
F936 Jean, Pierre, Neo 979 Willie, Mias
F946 Helgard, Cengyn 978 Willie, Mias
F947 Helgard, Cengyn 965 Martin, Pieter
F948 Donavan, Wynand 970 Martin, Pieter (KARATE)
F949 Donavan, Wynand 963 Martin, Pieter
F952 Thunis, George 942 Ferdi, Zander
F953 Thunis, George 943 Ferdi, Zander
F954 George, Kallie 954 Wynand, Jaco
F955 George, Kallie 955 Wynand, Jaco
F960 Heinrich, Quentin 944 Ferdi, Zander
F961 Heinrich, Quentin 945 Ferdi, Hano
F967 Keanu, Divon 936 Coenraad, Peter
F972 Neo, Luan 937 Coenraad, Peter
F973 Neo, Luan 930 Ben-John, Stefan
F974 JP, Henri2 931 Ben-John, Stefan
F975 JP, Henri2 932 Ferdi, Jeandre
F978 Keanu, Donavan 933 Ferdi, Jeandre
F979 Keanu, Donavan 941 Ferdi, Zander
F992 Neo, Elmo 917 Armand, JC2, Ettienne
F993 Jean, Pieter 918 Ettienne, Ignatius
F994 Jean, Pieter 925 Nico, Ignatius
F1001 Jean, Pieter 926 Nico, Ignatius
F1002 Jean, Pieter 927 Nico, Ignatius
F1022 Keanu, George 912 JC2, JB
F1023 Keanu, George 913 JC2, JB
F1031 Thunis, George 915 Dwayne, Charltu
F1032 Thunis, George 902 Willem2, Ewald
F1033 Kallie, George 903 Willem2, Ewald
F1034 Gerhard, Barry 904 Nico, Colin
F1037 Quentin, Heinrich 905 Nico, Colin
F1038 Donavan, Franco 906 Nico, Colin
F1039 Luan, Luan2, Neo 907 Nico, Colin
F1042 Lodewyk, Francois 898 Ignatius, Arno2
F1043 Lodewyk, Francois 899 Ignatius, Arno2
F1051 Dewald2, Christo 901 Ewald, Willem2
F1060 Dewald2, Christo 886 Arno, Nico2, Juan
F1061 Dewald2, Christo 891 Daniel, Charltu
F1062 Francois, Lodewyk 879 Josef, Wickus
F1063 Francois, Lodewyk 880 Josef, Ignatius
F1068 Heinrich, FJ 869 Herman, Ivan2
F1069 Heinrich, FJ 870 Herman, Ivan2
F1070 Donavan, Barry 871 Charltu, AJ
F1071 Donavan, Barry 872 Charltu, AJ
F1072 Donavan, Franco 863 Daniel, Nico2, Juan
F1073 Donavan, Franco 866 Wynand, Ferdi
F1076 Donavan, Neo X860 Ruan3, Dwayne
F1077 Donavan, Neo X861 Ruan3, Dwayne
F1082 Donavan, Heinrich X864 Ferdi, Wynand
F1083 Donavan, Heinrich X865 Ferdi, Wynand
F1097 Donavan, Benjamin X847 Jurie, Deon
F1102 FJ, Heinrich 835 Quintin2, Kobus, Tiaan
F1103 FJ, Heinrich 840 Wickus, Josef
F1114 Luan2, Janes 848 Deon, Jurie
F1115 Luan2, Janes X836 Kobus, Tiaan, Quintin2
F1126 Thunis, Donavan, Heinrich, Keanu X841 Josef, Wickus
F1127 Thunis, Donavan, Heinrich, Keanu X828 Ferdi, JC2
F1128 Francois, Jonathen X829 Ferdi, JC2, Ewald
F1129 Francois, Jonathen X817 Armand, Christiaan2
F1130 Helgard, Liam X818 Armand, Christiaan2, LT
F1131 Helgard, Liam 808 Jose, Zahn
F1132 Ruan, Henri 809 Jose, Zahn
F1133 Ruan, Henri X806 Ewald, Christiaan2
F1136 Barry, Pieter X807 Ewald, Christiaan2, Jessie
F1137 Barry, Pieter X811 Franco, Dwayne (BOXING)
F1138 Hanko, Janes X812 Franco, Dwayne
F1139 Hanko, Janes 797 Don, Janus2, DeWet2 (KARATE)
F1156 Helgard, Liam X798 Janus2, DeWet2
F1157 Helgard, Liam X799 Janus2, DeWet2, Don
F1162 Henri, Ruan 800 Jose, Iwan
F1163 Henri, Ruan 801 Jose, Iwan
F1166 Wynand, Ruan X803 Daniel, Ruan3
F1167 Wynand, Ruan X804 Daniel, Ruan3, JB
F1174 Francois, Jonathen 790 Ettienne, Janus2 (BOXING)
F1175 Francois, Jonathen 791 Ettienne, Janus2
F1178 Janes, Hanko 792 Ettienne, JP
F1179 Janes, Hanko 793 Ettienne, JP
F1182 Ruan, Wynand X787 Christiaan2, Charl2 (BOXING)
F1183 Ruan, Wynand 788 Frikkie, Christiaan2, Charl2
F1198 Heinrich, Wynand 778 JB, Willem2
F1199 Heinrich, Wynand 779 JB, Willem2
F1200 Francois, Pierre 770 Franco, Marcco
F1201 Francois, Pierre 774 Fanie, MC
F1204 Walter, Christo 775 Fanie, MC
F1205 Walter, Christo 761 Franco, Herman
F1210 Keanu, Donavan 768 Werner2, Juan
F1214 Pieter, Clive 769 Werner2, Juan
F1215 Pieter, Clive 748 JC2, Armand
F1219 Franco, Floris 750 Quinten2, Friend
F1229 Corbin, Brandon 753 Unkwown
F1235 Rick, Donavan 754 JC2, Ruan3 (BOXING)
F1236 Rick, Donavan 755 JC2, Ruan3
F1247 Pierre, Hanko 756 Herman, Ferdi
F1248 Pierre, Hanko 757 Herman, Ferdi
F1253 Liam, Floris 760 Herman, Franco
F1254 Liam, Floris 747 Dwayne, JB
F1255 Pierre, Floris X445 Wickus, Eric
F1256 Pierre, Floris X376 Victor, Ben-John
F1261 Christo, Walter X375 Leon, Ben-John
F1262 Christo, Walter X406 Hein, Riaan2, Jacques3
F1271 Floris, Franco 482 Conley, Koos
F1272 Floris, Franco AAC Dawie2, Johann2
F1287 Donavan, Rick AAD Conley, Quintin2
F1288 Donavan, Rick X405 DeWet2, Nilo
F1289 Francois, Heinrich X402 Henre, Jean
F1290 Francois, Heinrich X403 Charl, Hofmeyr, Kobus2
F1301 Jaden, Neo 1872 Daniel2, Ferdi
F1302 Jaden, Neo 1897 Jano, Ivan
F1305 Neo, Pierre, Floris 1899 Dwayne, Ferdi
F1306 Neo, Pierre, Floris X391 Liam, Dawie2
F1307 Hanlu, Quentin X392 Louis, Hein, Dawie2
F1308 Hanlu, Quentin X393 Wessel, Andre
F1320 Floris, Neo X394 Wessel, Jan-Paul
F1321 Floris, Neo X395 Henjo, Nico, Jaco2
F1322 Ruan2, Liam 1878 Nicky, Willem2, Jean-Paul, Stephan, Daniel
F1323 Ruan2, Liam 2314 Jaco4, Duncan
F1324 Francois, Hanko X255 Charl, Sampie
F1325 Francois, Hanko X254 Christian, Maurice
F1326 Francois, Hanko 2288 Jaco4, Izak
F1327 Francois, Hanko X378 Jacques3, JC
F1346 Quintin2, Duane X379 JD, Riaan2
F1347 Pieter, Christo 2295 Ferdi, JC3
F1348 Pieter, Christo X381 Ben-John, Jessie
F1351 Donavan, Clive 2305 JC3, JP
F1352 Donavan, Corbin, Christo 2306 JC3, JP
F1353 Donavan, Corbin, Christo 2307 JC3, JP
F1358 Arno, Rick 2308 JC3, JP
F1359 Arno, Rick X382 Charl, JD
F1366 Hanko, Rick X384 Jacques3, Ralph
F1367 Hanko, Rick    
F1372 Keanu, Henri, Jodene    
F1373 Keanu, Henri, Jodene    
F1374 Neo, Jaden    
F1375 Neo, Jaden    
F1377 Donavan, Neo, Lee-Ann2    
F1388 Hanko, Heinrich (KARATE)    
F1393 Arno, Neo    
F1395 Quentin, Hanlu    
F1396 Quentin, Hanlu    
F1397 Francois, Ruan2    
F1398 Francois, Ruan2    
F1401 Duane, Quintin2    
F1402 Duane, Quintin2    
F1403 Francois, Pierre    
F1404 Francois, Pierre    
F1405 Francois, Quentin    
F1406 Francois, Quentin    
F1417 Francois, Neo, Jaden    
F1418 Francois, Neo, Jaden    
F1444 Neo, Floris    
F1445 Neo, Floris    
F1456 Francois, Pierre    
F1457 Francois, Pierre    
F1458 Francois, Quentin    
F1459 Francois, Quentin    
F1462 Francois, Hanlu    
F1463 Francois, Hanlu    
F1466 Francois, Pierre    
F1467 Francois, Pierre    
F1468 Francois, Keanu    
F1469 Francois, Keanu    
F1470 Francois, Helgard    
F1471 Francois, Helgard    
F1472 Francois, Neo    
F1473 Francois, Neo    
F1474 Hanlu, Keanu    
F1475 Hanlu, Keanu    
F1476 Barry, Keanu    
F1477 Barry, Keanu    
F1480 Barry, Keanu    
F1481 Barry, Keanu    
F1494 Brandon, Keanu    
F1495 Brandon, Keanu    
F1499A Brandon, Hanlu    
F1499B Brandon, Hanlu    
F1504A Corbin, Brandon    
F1504B Corbin, Brandon    
F1504C Corbin, Brandon    
F1509A Floris, Neo    
F1509B Floris, Neo    
F1510A Quentin, Hanlu    
F1510B Quentin, Hanlu    
F1517A Neo, Keanu    
F1517B Neo, Keanu    
F1519A Helgard, Keanu    
F1519B Helgard, Keanu    
F1519C Helgard, Keanu    
F1521A Donavan, Hanlu, Brandon    
F1521B Donavan, Hanlu, Brandon    
F1522A Jonathan, Kenhardt    
F1522B Jonathan, Kenhardt    
F1523A Arno, Christopher    
F1523B Arno, Christopher    
F1529A Quentin, Jonathan    
F1529B Quentin, Jonathan    
F1531A Floris, Keanu    
F1531B Floris, Keanu    
F1534A Andrew, Corbin    
F1534B Andrew, Corbin    
F1541A Francois, Quentin    
F1541B Francois, Quentin    
F1541C Francois, Quentin    
F1542A Francois, Floris    
F1542B Francois, Floris    
F1542C Francois, Floris