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Terms & Conditions Of Purchase

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Photoset Number Fighters
251 Maurice, Ruan, Charl
271 Ionn, Charl, Riaan2
273 Johan, Kobus
281 Riaan2, Jaco2, Tiaan
388 Bradley, Kobus
396 Charl, Wayne
480 Peet, Frikkie
531 Kobus, Frikkie
559 Louis, Nico
572 Jacques3, Quintin2
621 Victor, Wickus
676 Frikkie, Francois, LT (Also with Gun Fighting, Sword Fighting)
1125 Ralph, Ettienne, Hano, Dwayne, Herman (Also with Gun Fighting)
1656 Ruan3, Nico2, Juan (Also with Gun Fighting)
1893 Daniel2, Alré
1907 Daniel2, Alré
1974 Conley, Ferdi, JC3
1998 Conley, Dwayne
2130 Jean-Paul, Ewald, Stephan, Marno (Also with Gun Fighting)
2205 Nicky, Ewald, Duncan, Francois (Also with Gun Fighting)
2220 JC3, Quinten4 (Also with Submission Grappling)