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A5 Duncan, Jaco4 718 Nico, Quinten2
A41 Wynand, Eduan 718B Nico, Quinten2
A91 Wynand, Nicky, Jaco4 715 Michael, Quinten2
A94 Wynand, Nicky, Jaco4 715B Michael, Quinten2
A257 Christian3, Dirk2 711 Olaf, Francois
A267 Donavan, Duane 659B Louis, Shaun
A552 Donavan, Thunis 711B Olaf, Francois
A636 Donavan, Thunis 1689 Willem2, Jean-Paul
A675 Donavan, Thunis 1048 Herman, Juan3
A786 Donavan, Thunis 2249 Duncan, Robert2
F1 JC3, Zandré 713 Ettienne, José
F2 JC3, Zandré 713B Ettienne, José
F3 JC3, Ewald 674 Daniel, Johan3
F4 JC3, Ewald 674B Daniel, Johan3
F5 JC3, Ewald 709 Quinten2, Nico
F6 JC3, Ewald 709B Quinten2, Nico
F10 Quinten3, JP2 152 Louis, Tian
F11 Quinten3, JP2 707A Quinten2, Tiaan
F12 Quinten3, JP2 707B Quinten2, Tiaan
F13 Brandon2, Johan5 706A Quinten2, Michael3
F14 Brandon2, Johan5 706B Quinten2, Michael3
F15 Brandon2, Johan5 725A JC2, Ruan3
F16 Brandon2, Johan5 725B JC2, Ruan3
F17 Brandon2, Johan5 723A Ettienne, Willem
F18 Brandon2, Johan5 723B Ettienne, Willem
F21 Ferdi, JC3 721A Francois, Olaf
F22 Ferdi, JC3 721B Francois, Olaf
F23 Ferdi, JC3 2326 Jose, Izak
F48 Nicky, Ewald, JC3 2297 Ewald, Reynhardt
F49 Nicky, Ewald, JC3 2298 Ewald, Reynhardt
F50 Nicky, Ewald, JC3 2299 Ewald, Reynhardt
F59 Eduan, Thunis 2284 Ferdi, John
F69 JC3, Armand 2282 Ferdi, John
F70 JC3, Armand 2283 Ferdi, John
F71 JC3, Armand 2277 Henco, Christian3
F72 JC3, Armand 2278 Henco, Christian3
F73 JC3, Armand 2279 Henco, Christian3
F74 JC3, Armand 584 Justin, JP
F75 JC3, Quinton5 686 Olaf, Jurie
F76 JC3, Quinton5 622 Jacques3, Jaco2
F77 JC3, Quinton5 687 Olaf, Llewellyn
F78 JC3, Quinton5 687B Olaf, Llewellyn
F79 JC3, Quinton5 682 Quintin2, Francois
F80 JC3, Quinton5 680A Ben-John, Andre
F81 JC3, Quinton5 680B Ben-John, Andre
F85 AJ, Ryno 669A Olaf, Pieter
F86 AJ, Ryno 669B Olaf, Pieter
F87 AJ, Ryno 675A JC2, Christiaan2
F94 Eduan, Pieter 675B JC2, Christiaan2
F95 Eduan, Pieter 670A Naude, Dwayne
F96 Eduan, Pieter 670B Naude, Dwayne
F97 Eduan, Pieter 693 Olaf, Francois
F98 Eduan, Pieter 696A JC2, Naude
F179 Robert2, Bertus 696B JC2, Naude
F180 Robert2, Bertus 690A Quintin2, Francois
F183 Christian3, De Villiers 690B Quintin2, Francois
F184 Christian3, De Villiers 651A Herman, Naude
F189 Jean-Paul, Willem2 651B Herman, Naude
F190 Jean-Paul, Willem2 652 Herman, Friend
F191 Jean-Paul, Willem2 634A Louis, Jacques3
F192 Jean-Paul, Willem2 634B Louis, Jacques3
F222 (RE-RELEASE) 585A Louis, Neil2
F227 (RE-RELEASE) 585B Louis, Neil2
F255 Jaco4, Thunis 626A Louis, Edwin
F256 Jaco4, Thunis 626B Louis, Edwin
F261 Pieter, Martin 1920 Daniel2, Brendon
F262 Pieter, Martin 638A Jacques3, LT
F265 JC3, Ewald 638B Jacques3, LT
F266 JC3, Ewald 599A JC2, Daniel
F267 JC3, Ewald 599B JC2, Daniel
F268 Jean-Paul, Willem2 641A Ben-John, Colin
F269 Jean-Paul, Willem2 641B Ben-John, Colin
F298 Martin, Pieter 642A Daniel, Herman
F312 Jean-Paul, Jaun 642B Daniel, Herman
F313 Jean-Paul, Jaun 604A Quintin2, Jaco2
F322 Jaco4, Eduan 604B Quintin2, Jaco2
F328 Jaco4, Eugene 614A Ewald, Daniel
F329 Jaco4, Eugene 614B Ewald, Daniel
F334 Jaco4, Duane 615A JC2, Jacques3
F335 Jaco4, Duane 615B JC2, Jacques3
F336 Jaco4, Stephan 617A Wayne, Jacques3
F337 Jaco4, Stephan 617B Wayne, Jacques3
F338 Jaco4, Stephan 566A Quintin2, Jacques3
F339 Jaco4, Stephan 566B Quintin2, Jacques3
F340 Jaco4, Eugene 575A Louis, Justin
F341 Jaco4, Eugene 575B Louis, Justin
F346 Jaun, Jean-Paul 580A Louis, Renier
F347 Jaun, Jean-Paul 580B Louis, Renier
F348 Stephan, Duane 581A Louis, Jacques3
F349 Stephan, Duane 581B Louis, Jacques3
F352 Keanu, Donavan 571A Louis, Quintin2
F353 Keanu, Donavan 571B Louis, Quintin2
F354 Duane, Stephan 609A Jacques3, Herman
F355 Duane, Stephan 609B Jacques3, Herman
F358 Donavan, Keanu 570A Daniel, Johan3
F359 Donavan, Keanu 570B Daniel, Johan3
F372 Eugene, AJ 611A Wayne, Don
F373 Eugene, AJ 611B Wayne, Don
F375 Eugene, AJ 618A Quintin2, Wickus
F376 Eugene, AJ 618B Quintin2, Wickus
F438 Donavan, AJ 629A Quintin2, Don
F439 Donavan, AJ 629B Quintin2, Don
F487 Wimpie, Jaco6 649A Herman, Jaco3
F488 Wimpie, Jaco6 649B Herman, Jaco3
F506 Wimpie, Corbin 646A Jacques3, Olaf
F507 Wimpie, Corbin 646B Jacques3, Olaf
F513 Jacques3, Jaco2 (Re-Release) 650 Ewald, Jean2
F514 Jacques3, Jaco2 (Re-Release) 659A Louis, Shaun
F545 JC3, Reynhardt 654A Louis, Ben-John
F546 JC3, Reynhardt 654B Louis, Ben-John
F547 AJ, TC 656A Naude, Neil
F548 AJ, TC 656B Naude, Neil
F553 Wimpie, Martin2 672 Andre, Dawid
F554 Wimpie, Martin2 673 Werner, Janus2
F563 Henco, Stephan2 1422 Jano, Nico3
F564 Henco, Stephan2 1423 Jano, Nico3
F567 Jaco6, Wimpie 1421 Jano, Nico3
F568 Jaco6, Wimpie 1412 Stephan, Gerhardt
F586 Corbin, Wimpie 1413 Stephan, Gerhardt
F587 Corbin, Wimpie 1414 Stephan, Gerhardt
F618 Nicky, Ewald 1396 Wynand, Brendon
F619 Nicky, Ewald 1397 Wynand, Brendon
F622 Christian3, Reynhardt 1398 Wynand, Brendon
F623 Christian3, Reynhardt 1399 Francois, Michael4
F628 Martin2, Wimpie 1400 Francois, Michael4
F629 Martin2, Wimpie 1401 Francois, Michael4
F636 Corbin, Cengyn 1402 Francois, Michael4
F637 Corbin, Cengyn 1385 JC2, Mias
F640 Wynand, Nicky 1386 JC2, Mias
F641 Wynand, Nicky 1387 JC2, Mias
F644 Wynand, Joshua 1388 Jose, Jurie
F645 Wynand, Joshua 1389 Jose, Jurie
F648 Wynand, Joshua 1375 Ferdi, Daniel2
F649 Wynand, Joshua 1384 JC2, Mias
F654 Henco, Stephan2 1894 Daniel2, Alre
F655 Henco, Stephan2 1883 Ferdi, Jose
F656 Henco, Christian3 1884 Nicky, Izak
F657 Henco, Christian3 1885 Nicky, Izak
F658 Jason, Duane 1886 Nicky, Izak
F659 Jason, Duane 2012 Robert2, Brendon
F660 Henco, Stephan2 1918 Marco2, Brendon
F661 Henco, Stephan2 2272 Jose, Marq
F684 Jean-Paul, Ewald 2273 Jose, Marq
F685 Jean-Paul, Ewald 2268 Wynand, Reynhardt
F692 Henco, Marius 2269 Wynand, Reynhardt
F693 Henco, Marius 2264 Johan4, Nicky
F708 Jaco6, JP 2265 Ferdi, Wynand
F709 Jaco6, JP 2266 Ferdi, Wynand
F710 Jaco4, Stephan2 2267 Ferdi, Wynand
F711 Jaco4, Stephan2 2270 Reynhardt, Wynand
F716 Bradley, Janes 2271 Jose, Marq
F717 Bradley, Janes 2260 Nicky, Jaco5
F718 Bradley, Janes 2261 Nicky, Jaco5
F719 Bradley, Janes 2262 Nicky, Johan4
F731 Wynand, Joshua 2263 Nicky, Johan4
F732 Wynand, Joshua 2259 Nicky, Jaco5
F735 Henco, Cobus 2238 Jaco4, Jaco5, Duncan
F736 Henco, Cobus 112 Rynhardt, Marius
F749 Ewald, Nicky 2225 Robert2, Jaco4
F750 Ewald, Nicky 2226 Jean-Paul, Ewald
F751 Lodewyk, Wynand 2227 Jean-Paul, Ewald
F752 Lodewyk, Wynand 2217 Jose, Johan4
F753 Gerhard, Wynand 2201 Jessie, Jan-Adriaan
F754 Gerhard, Wynand 2202 Jessie, Jan-Adriaan
F757 Bradley, Morné 2203 Jessie, Jan-Adriaan
F758 Bradley, Morné 2170 Duncan, Francois
F761 Bradley, Morné 2171 Jose, Herman
F762 Bradley, Morné 2172 Jose, Herman
F781 Henco, Marius 2173 Ewald, Jean-Paul
F782 Henco, Marius 2169 Duncan, Francois
F791 Lodewyk, Heinrich 2150 Duncan, Francois
F792 Lodewyk, Heinrich 1313 Juan3, Robert
F807 Cobus, Henco 1314 Juan3, Robert
F808 Cobus, Henco 1303 Pieter, Jose
F819 Helgard, Lodewyk 1304 Pieter, Jose
F820 Helgard, Lodewyk 1305 Pieter, Jose
F865 Henri, JD 1307 Johan4, Jose
F866 Henri, JD 1308 Johan4, Jose
F879 Henri, JD 1296 Marq, Jose
F880 Henri, JD 1297 Marq, Jose
F887 Neo, Donavan 1298 Marq, Jose
F888 Neo, Donavan 1309 Johan4, Jose
F892 Jean, Donavan 1310 Johan4, Jose
F893 Jean, Donavan 1311 Juan3, Robert
F894 Jean, Donavan 1312 Juan3, Robert
F895 Jean, Donavan 1299 Jose, Marq
F900 Neo, Donavan 1300 Jose, Jessie
F901 Neo, Donavan 1301 Jose, Jessie
F902 Pierre, Donavan 1279 Herman, Johanco
F903 Pierre, Donavan 1280 Herman, Johanco
F910 JD, Dylan 1281 Herman, Johanco
F911 JD, Dylan 1282 Herman, Johanco
F926 JP, Clive 1266 Jeandre2, AJ
F927 JP, Clive 1264 Jeandre2, AJ
F928 Jean, Barry 1265 Jeandre2, AJ
F929 Jean, Barry 1236 Gerrit, JC3
F950 Lodewyk, Pierre 1238 Juan, JC3
F951 Lodewyk, Pierre 1244 Jacques7, Quinten2
F964 Dylan, JD 1247 Gerrit, Ignatius
F965 Dylan, JD 1248 Gerrit, Ignatius
F968 Clive, JP 1249 Gerrit, Ignatius
F969 Clive, JP 1250 Christo, Brandon
F970 Barry, Jean 1251 Christo, Brandon
F971 Barry, Jean 1252 Christo, Brandon
F980 Helgard, Cengyn 1239 Juan, Christiaan, JC3
F981 Helgard, Cengyn 1226 Willie, Olaf
F1024 Pierre, Lodewyk 1242 Jacques7, Quinten2
F1025 Pierre, Lodewyk 1243 Jacques7, Quinten2
F1047 Heinrich, Quintin 1227 Gerrit, JC3
F1048 Heinrich, Quintin 1228 Gerrit, JC3
F1049 Heinrich, Quintin 1229 Gerrit, JC3
F1050 Heinrich, Quintin 1230 Gerrit, JC3
F1056 Keanu, Pieter 1231 Jacques7, Dwayne
F1057 Keanu, Pieter 1232 Jacques7, Dwayne
F1058 Keanu, Pieter 1233 Jacques7, Dwayne
F1059 Keanu, Pieter 1234 Gerrit, JC3
F1074 Donavan, Franco 1235 Gerrit, JC3
F1075 Donavan, Franco 1218 Ettienne, Jose
F1091 Donavan, Keanu 1219 Edward, Jacques8
F1092 Donavan, Keanu 1220 Edward, Jacques8
F1098 Divon, Quentin 1224 Olaf, Willie
F1099 Divon, Quentin 1225 Olaf, Willie
F1100 Divon, Heinrich 1361 Juan3, Jose
F1101 Divon, Heinrich 1368 JC2, Willie
F1104 Thunis, Duane 1356 Jose, Quinten2
F1105 Thunis, Duane 1357 Jose, Quinten2
F1118 Franco, Donavan 1358 Jose, Quinten2
F1119 Franco, Donavan 1359 Jose, Juan3
F1188 Ruan, Henri 1360 Jose, Juan3
F1189 Ruan, Henri 1341 Jacques8, Marthunis
F1192 Liam, Helgard 1342 Jacques8, Marthunis
F1193 Liam, Helgard 1343 Jacques8, Marthunis
F1196 Liam, Helgard 1325 Henco, Christo
F1197 Liam, Helgard 1324 Henco, Christo
F1212 Janes, Hanko 1202 Jessie, Jose
F1213 Janes, Hanko 1191 Gerrit, JT
F1220 Henri, Ruan 1192 Gerrit, JT
F1221 Henri, Ruan 1193 Gerrit, JT
F1222 Wynand, Ruan 1194 Gerrit, JT
F1223 Wynand, Ruan 1195 Gerrit, JT
F1224 Pierre, Neo 1166 Jose, Herman3
F1225 Pierre, Neo 1167 Jose, Herman3
F1227 Pierre, Francois 1168 Jose, Herman3
F1228 Pierre, Francois 1141 Jose, Jano
F1237 Hanko, Janes 1142 Jose, Jano
F1238 Hanko, Janes 1156 Jessie, Wynand, Jeandre
F1243 Hanko, Francois 1157 Wynand, Shaun
F1244 Hanko, Francois 1158 Wynand, Shaun
F1257 Wynand, Ruan 1159 Wynand, Shaun
F1258 Wynand, Ruan 1143 Jano, Jose
F1291 Hanko, Francois 1144 Jano, Jose
F1292 Hanko, Francois 1149 Dwayne, Hano
F1293 Hanko, Francois 1115 Jacques7, Christiaan2
F1294 Hanko, Francois 1116 Jacques7, Christiaan2
F1311 Walter, Christo 1117 Jacques7, Christiaan2
F1312 Walter, Christo 1118 Jacques7, Christiaan2
F1313 Walter, Christo 1114 Jacques7, Ferdi, Wynand
F1314 Walter, Christo 1088 Gerrit, Christo
F1411 Floris, Franco 1089 Gerrit, Christo
F1412 Floris, Franco 1090 Gerrit, Christo
F1454 Quentin, Hanlu 1054 Jeandre2, Jacques7
F1455 Quentin, Hanlu 1055 Jeandre2, Jacques7
F1483 Floris, Franco 1056 Jeandre2, Jacques7
F1484 Floris, Franco 1057 Jeandre2, Jacques7
F1537A Corbin, Brandon 1058 Gerrit, JB
F1537B Corbin, Brandon 1059 Gerrit, JB
F1537C Corbin, Brandon 1060 Gerrit, JB
    1061 Gerrit, JB
    1044 Hano, JB
    1045 Hano, JB
    1046 Herman, Juan3
    1047 Herman, Juan3
    1049 Herman, Juan3
    1053 Jacques7, Jeandre2
    1012 Willie, Mias
    1013 Willie, Mias
    966 Martin, Pieter
    968 Martin, Pieter
    958 Wynand, Jaco
    959 Wynand, Jaco
    960 Wynand, Jaco
    950 Ferdi, Zander
    951 Ferdi, Zander
    952 Ignatius, Arno2
    953 Ignatius, Arno2
    946 Ferdi, Hano
    947 Ferdi, Hano
    948 Ferdi, Hano
    949 Ferdi, Zander
    938 Ferdi, Jeandre
    939 Ferdi, Jeandre
    940 Ferdi, Jeandre
    920 Charltu, AJ
    923 Josef, Ignatius
    921 Charltu, AJ
    922 Ignatius, Josef
    894 Louis, Nico
    895 Louis, Nico
    881 Herman, Ivan
    882 Herman, Ivan
    883 Ettienne, Olaf
    884 Ettienne, Olaf
    874 Wynand, Ferdi
    875 Wickus, Josef
    876 Wickus, Josef
    873 Ferdi, Wynand
    858 Jose, Zahn
    X853 Jose, Iwan
    X854 Jose, Iwan
    X855 Jose, Iwan
    X857 Jose, Zahn
    830 Ettienne, JP
    831 Ettienne, JP
    832 Ettienne, JP
    784 Frikkie, Don
    785 Frikkie, Don
    780 Armand, Arno
    781 Armand, Arno
    782 Armand, JC2
    783 Armand, JC2
    772 Nico2, Juan
    773 Nico2, Juan
    776 Franco, Marcco
    762 Franco, Herman
    763 Franco, Herman
    764 Charl2, Nico2
    765 Charl2, Nico2
    777 Marcco, Franco
    751 Jessie, Jose
    758 Herman, Ferdi
    759 Herman, Ferdi
    743A Matthew, Ivan
    743B Matthew, Ivan
    744A JC2, Armand
    744B JC2, Armand
    746A Quinten2, JB
    746B Quinten2, JB
    742A Olaf, Jose
    742B Olaf, Jose
    741A Olaf, Francois
    741B Olaf, Francois
    740 Olaf, Ettienne
    1891 Wynand, Stephan
    1898 Dwayne, Ferdi
    2284 Ferdi, John
    2297 Ewald, Reynhardt
    2298 Ewald, Reynhardt
    2299 Ewald, Reynhardt
    2277 Henco, Christiaan3
    2278 Henco, Christiaan3