What do I get?

A membership will enable you to download high quality, digital pics showing numerous fighting skills such as grappling, self defense, wwe techniques, wrestling, judo, mixed martial arts, karate and boxing!

Some of the techniques we feature are chokes, sleepers, torture racks, over the shoulder backbreakers, over the knee backbreakers, boston crabs, wwe pins, victory poses, body scissors, spladles, banana splits, bearhugs, schoolboy and schoolgirl pins, bully pins, head scissors, reverse figure four head scissors, grapevines, cradles, reverse half nelsons, full nelsons, t-lifts, reverse t-lifts, etc.

There are real submission wrestling, fun wrestling, story themes and sword and knife fighting scenarios.

You will also be able to download, Mondays to Saturdays (except on Fridays) a Gallery Of The Day which have 24 NEW pics! Our website is updated every Friday.

Our website consists of 13 archive galleries. Each archive gallery has 8 different photosets with 24 pictures in a set. An archive gallery is published in a 3 month cycle which thereafter will be deleted and replaced with a new gallery.

You will also be able to download Mondays to Saturdays our daily video clip. You will also have access to our video clip archives which now have 162 different clips and still growing each week!

You can also download each week one free DVD or photoset of your choice out of our many available titles.


A one month subscription is 360 ZAR (South African Rand) or $22 (USD), 19 Euro. - You are welcome to purchase a longer subscription period should you wish to do so.

Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards or PayPal payments.

Please email us at should you wish to purchase a subscription.