Terms & Conditions & Rules

We consider the safety and wellbeing of all our children paramount.

All our activities here at Fighting Kids promote fun. The playful tying up, gagging and handcuffing scenes are NOT REAL.

Our children's parents must give permission in writing if they want to join Fighting Kids.

Some of our submission wrestling DVD's are real. As in any martial art, where children are taught to execute submission techniques such as sstrangles and armlocks, those techniques you see in these DVD's are real. Remember, SAFETY is extremely important. Submission techniques are done very carefully and all matches are supervised by professionals.

The most important requirement we have for all our children here at Fighting Kids is they must have FUN!

And the most important requirement for us is SAFETY.

Acting in a DVD or being in a real submission wrestling DVD ALWAYS have the parents consent. Some of our children are more into real wrestling and others are more into the staged, storyline kind of DVD's and they can decide if they want to do a real submission match or not.

Our kids earn pocket money when they play in a DVD or photoset. Our kids earn more money than most grown-ups on an hourly basis. Kids use their money to buy clothes, computers, bikes, or whatever they want.

(1) Fighting Kids has copyright on all it's content. No picture, video clip, or any other material may be published anywhere on the internet or any other medium without our written consent. Fighting Kids has copyright on all custom made material and any unauthorised use, reproduction, distribution, public performance, renting, lending, re-selling or exporting is prohibited. Violators will be subjected to criminal prosecution and civil penalties.

(2) All custom made DVD's are filmed in PAL format. (wide screen format)

(3) Our kids are not allowed to wrestle in speedos or swimming clothes. Girls are not allowed to wrestle in skirts. Kids MUST be clothed. We also do not encourage our girls to paint their toenals or have their hair in a certain style. We do not have control over the color of the kids clothing. This means, unfortunately you can not request that a boy must wear a GREEN t-shirt or have ORANGE shorts. We do not provide clothing for our kids, they wear their own clothing. Clothing can only be the following : jeans, shorts, ski pants, tights, t-shirts, shoes, wrestling singlets, karate or judo uniforms

(4) All action that's done shirtless (boys only) will be on a tarp or mat and not on the grass.

(5) Settings for your project can only be outside in a garden, or inside a house. We do not allow bedroom scenes.

(6) We do allow some tickling, foot fighting, trampling, full weight sitting/standing, and low blow scenes but it can not be more than 30 percent of all action. All custom made projects MUST HAVE some kind of wrestling action in your story. You can only use kids that has the (F)-symbol next to their names for foot fighting scenes, (L)-symbol for low blow (street fighting) scenes and the (T)-symbol for torture rack and reverse t-lift scenes. We do not allow boy vs. girl low blow (street fighting) scenes. Low blow stories can only be done in a photoset format and not in DVD format. Any full weight sitting or trampling scenes can be done except when the difference between the two actors 10 kilograms and more is.

(7) Our kids are not professional actors. We do not guarantee Oscar winning performances should you choose to do a story DVD.

(8) Stories must be of decent content.

(9) Dangerous holds or moves like backbreakers, boston crabs, camel clutches, torture racks, are not allowed in real submission wrestling DVD's. Only sleepers and body scissors are allowed in real submission wrestling DVD's. Real kicking or punching are not allowed. Light contact will be allowed in custom made boxing DVD's. Dangerous moves can only feature in scripted DVD's where the wrestling is not real. 0-33kg. weight category fighters are not allowed to do REAL WRESTLING  projects.

(10) In  REAL submission or wrestling DVD's, the weight difference between the fighters must NOT exceed 10 kilograms. We allow boy vs. boy, girl vs. girl and girl vs. boy real submission wrestling. You can only use kids with the (RW)-symbol next to their names for REAL wrestling DVD's.

(11) Your custom made project will be rescheduled should it rain on that particular day. Please note, this only applies when filming or shooting hasn't started yet. If it starts to rain half way in the session we will unfortunately not reschedule your session and will give you your project as is. Please read point 13 of our terms and conditions.

(12) Fighting Kids does not accept any responsibilty for kids that do not show up for your custom made project. Your project will be rescheduled should that happen and another fighter will have to be chosen to replace the fighter that did not show up.

(13) A custom made project can not be rescheduled and can not be refunded should the filming or shooting be stopped for reasons such as : a fighter does not want to continue with the DVD or photoset, does not want to perform a certain scene or action, when an injury occurred or when it starts raining halfway through filming or shooting, or the sponsor does not want to continue with his custom made project, or when the sponsor is not satisfied with his custom made project.

(14) We do not refund payments for subscriptions AFTER we have given you your Fighting Kids subscription log-on details.

(15) We do not give out any personal information of our kids.

(16) We do not allow any contact with our kids.

(17) Actors can not be changed or replaced with somebody else after we have notified the actor of his or her sponsorship.


We DO NOT refund payments for subscriptions AFTER we have given you four Fighting Kids subscription log-on details.

We DO NOT refund payments should the client be dissatisfied with a DVD, custom made DVD, custom made photoset, an already made photoset or subscription.

We DO NOT refund a client when the client has given us the incorrect DVD number or photoset number with his order.

We will ONLY refund payments, within seven days after an order for a CUSTOM MADE PROJECT has been received. Valid refunds can ONLY be made when a project, product or service was purchased by credit card. We can not refund you when your payment was made by electronic transfer (bank wire).